The Brazil Incident (2)
Into the darkness in Santa Teresa, the singer rushes away from the table.  Helen's
long burgundy Versace Maxi dress with white flowers flutters in the wind as she
paces up the steep stairs leading to R. Aprazível. The demon closes in leaping from
hut tops. Roy stops, his queasy stomach sends him into the bushes as he heaves
the salad and steak. Dizzy and nauseous he gathers himself and focus upon the
top of the mountainous stairs and darts. Helen scrambles for the keys in her leather
small silver hand purse, snatches them, they fly and clank the pavement. The
chattering sounds of the demon closes in.

Panting heavily, she grabs the keys, and scratches the side of the door, making an
entry, the key turns and opens as she rushes in and hits the locks.  The four-door
black Mercedes Benz engine revs up, slams into drive, and squeals down the
narrow way, winding and turning while barely missing the onlookers and parked
cars. The demon's fast behind her and it's paw dents the trunk shaking the car.  
She screams and cries in panic while weaving down the winding pavers.  

On the bottom of the hill, the Mercedes approaches traffic. The demon leaps to
pounce the Mercedes. "bam." A flash of lightening sends the demon into the side
of the building. The red eyes daze and peers up to see what happened. The
unmoved car is in the distance as she blows her horn frantically. The creature
looks around to the right "Floop." Roy's left hand places a vice on it's neck while
sending punches into it's blackened face; it bleeds.

Skipping chapters...

...Helen's head rest on his chest. Her soulful voice goes scratchy, "They want to
extradite me. I couldn't stop, I couldn't get out. I have no idea what's going on.
These demons all over, tormenting me, I just can't trust anymore." Roy, "Don't call
anyone from your personal phones and get rid of your cell phone, they will trace
it." "They treat me like a criminal, I did nothing wrong but love. L. A. doesn't love me
and now Brazil hates me." Her arms tightens his waist, "I don't want to leave, but I
must go." Roy nods. "You're going to make it." Tears warms his left forearm, "I
know I will, I am strong, I am a soldier of love." The night stills, and the warm breeze
dries her tears. Her left ear hears no sound from his heart, but she feels his soul.
She takes deep breaths and drifts off to sleep. Her shoulders drop, and a peaceful
smile radiates her face, but the Gargoyle waits and he's wide awake.    

To be continued...